Evermore Paranormal Research was founded in 2010. I was new to the scene of the paranormal world. I had never investigated a haunted location ever. I contacted a close friend, who had a passion for the paranormal and asked if she would mind if I tagged along with her on a visit to a local haunted house. Not just any haunted house, an octagon house, The Octagon Hall of Franklin, Kentucky.

I was excited about this adventure into a new world. As we got closer to the house, my nerves were a little on end. I didn't know what to expect. I was introduced to the Ex. Director of the hall a Mr. Billy Byrd, a very interesting man with a ton of knowledge and a love for history. My day consisted of a historical walk through of the property by my friend and a flood of information about the strange events that have been witnessed at the Hall. I was allowed free range of the property and pulled out my cell phone and turned my recorder on. I tried to go everywhere that I thought a spirit, ghost, spectre or entity would take up residence. After wrapping up my day and saying my good-byes to the living and the dead of the Hall, I made my way home to review all my recordings.

Once home I began my research. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew that I wanted some form of evidence to show for my efforts. Out of all the recordings I did that day, I got one single thing that I couldn't explain. I simple heavy breath when there was no one in the same room with my recorder. That's all it took. That's the one sign I needed. I went back the next week, and probably the week after that. My collection of evidence has grown quite a bit since then. That's the day my eyes were opened. That's when my world around me changed. That's when Evermore Paranormal was born.

Now, I travel frequently to the Octagon Hall and visit Billy and Bear (Volunteer at the Hall and Manager of Nightstalkers Paranormal). Every time I step through those doors, I enter with an open mind and new ideas to help me discover what lies beyond my senses.