"When I walk through the doors of the Octagon Hall it's history encompasses me. It's ghosts whisper their secrets to the ones who listen. It's up to us to break their silence."

About Me

When I was 3 years old when my mother passed away.

I don't remember anything about her. It was a part of my life that had been stolen away from me. As I got older I realized this was probably the variable that sparked my interest in the study of the paranormal.

I remember in the third grade going to the library every week. I'd scour through the card catalogue looking for books on paranormal, UFOs, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or anything dealing with the weird or supernatural. I would be hooked for days reading and staring at the blurry pictures that filled the pages. This continued all the way up and through high school. When the World Wide Web was released on the world I found a new resource to feed my curiosity. Thus allowing me to read about experiences and stories that happened all over the world.

Skip ahead to 2010, a dear friend, Christine would lead me to the next step into the paranormal world. She took me a place that was very dear to her heart. A home turned museum in Franklin, Ky called the Octagon Hall. As we walked through it's doors we were greeted by the Ex. Director Bily Byrd. He told stories of the Hall's history and tragedic events. Also while telling tales of personal and visitor paranormal experiences. That day changed my life. I started Evermore Paranormal Research shortly after that visit. I visit the Octagon Hall quite often. It's unseen residents know my name. I know some of theirs.

When I step through the doors of a haunted location I know there is a story to be heard. The ghostly voices that linger out of ears distance are lost to the unaware. It's up to us to ask the questions and piece the story together.


"Merriam Webster :   a disembodied soul; especially : the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world or to appear to the living in bodily likeness"

A ghost used to be a human at one time. I believe it is a person who doesn't want to leave this plane of existence. Leaving would be giving up their stories and their identities with the living. After years of having no voice their interest is lost and the world becomes numb. It's only when contact is made that they realize their pleas can still be heard.

It's an interest in the paranormal that compels me to want to investigate. I want to study the evidence I catch and try to piece it together to complete the puzzle. Capturing the audio, video and pictures helps me try to understand the world hidden beyond my perception. I pass what I discover to my colleagues, friends and people of like-mindedness. We all have a curiosity that forces us to try to see just beyond what we actually understand. I invite people to peer with me into the strange and scary side of the paranormal. Visit the Octagon Hall.

Note: If your activity is life threatening then leave the property. Contact a paranormal team to help. There is no reason to put any life in danger. If the activity is just annoyances or playful try to hang on to plead your case.

1.   Create a log of your experiences. Use dates, times, locations and even weather.

2.  Review your log and look for simularities to help give an over all picture. Seeing it laid out before you can help piece things together better.

3.  After reviewing your log get a second opinion from a trusting friend or family member. A second set of eyes on the problem could help look at it in a different perspective.

4..  If further help is needed contact a paranormal investigator or team. Note: never let a team charge you. It is a washout, you get help and they get the data to help further persue their studies.

5.  The paranormal investigator(s) should be able to help guide you in what to do after they review the evidence.

If there is any questions please feel free to contact me.

As Evermore Paranormal Research I do some residential investigations. I also work with NightStalkers Paranormal another group of investigators that work with the public to help in all forms of supernatural & paranormal problems. Please contact NightStalkers Paranormal Research

Octagon Hall

The Octagon Hall of Franklin Ky under the direction of Billy Byrd Ex. Director.

The Octagon Hall was completed in 1859...

It was built by Andrew Jackson Caldwell as a home for his growing family. It took 12 years to complete it's construction. It was constructed from materials obtained from the property and local quarries. Each brick was made by hands of the slaves. Andrew had built a home that would protect his family and stand longer than the lives that would inhabit it.

**Coming Soon The Haunted History Of Octagon Hall


The Octagon Hall stands in the peaceful Franklin, KY area.

Walking through the back door. I get my audio recorder out of the case. Alone, I place it before me and press the record button. After I stamp the recording with the time, date and location the session begins. The air starts to feel energized. Soon I will have responses that will be from the unseen residents of the Hall. Voices will vary from raspy, harsh males to petite female whispers. Captured in the depths of my recorder. It sends chills through my body but invigorates my mind...

*Scroll Left or Right for a look into some of the rooms of the Hall*


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The Hunt

Would you spend the night at a haunted house?

Octagon Hall has been documented as being haunted for many of years by the people who lived there, paranormal investigators, and vistors from all over the world. You can join in on the hunt for the paranormal. You'd be joined by a group of paranormal investigators with all the equipment needed. The ghosts, well we'll just see what happens. Check out the videos in the evidence section for EVPs that I caught while helping at some of the novice hunts.

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